Keeping busy in isolation

It is vital that we stay indoors at the moment, and keeping busy is so important during a time when we have to stay indoors for this long and uncertain period of time. Here are a few things I have been doing to keep myself busy:

Spring cleaning

This is a perfect time to have a clear out! I love having a clear out of things I no longer wear or use and have a de-clutter of the house. I now have more time to really go through my wardrobe and try clothes on that I haven’t worn for a while – and sometimes find some clothes I love and had forgotten all about! I find clearing out really therapeutic.


I started this blog last year, but as I was so busy with other things going on, I didn’t find the time to keep it going. I thought this was a perfect time to get my blog back up and running again, and I will make sure that this time I definitely make time when everything goes back to normal. It’s also lovely to have the time to go through and read lots of other bloggers’ posts as well!


As I normally go to the gym and go to classes after work and sometimes at the weekend, this fills some of my spare time. However, without the gym, I am making time to go for a run during my lunch break around the field near my house to get fresh air and some vitamin D. I always feel so much better in myself after having done exercise outdoors.

Playing games

I am really appreciating the simpler things in life now, and that includes playing more games. We have recently downloaded the House party app and have played trivia and Pictionary games whilst face timing family. This is a great way to have fun and keep in contact with family and friends, and I have been playing with my partner opposite each other in our house! I have also been playing more games like Madlibs and quiz games which are always a fun way to pass the time!

What have you been doing to keep busy during isolation? x


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