My tips for productively working from home

In this new normal we have become accustomed to, many more of us are adjusting to working from home a lot more than we maybe would have before. This comes with its perks and its challenges, with no commuting stress and having to make your lunch the night before (or forgetting to and rushing in the morning), but also distractions in the form of Netflix. So here are my tips from experience of how to productively and successfully work from home long-term.

  1. Wake up at a normal time and get properly dressed

My number one tip is even though you don’t need to fully get ready for the day before commuting to work, don’t slip into lazy habits. Set your alarm as if you were going into the work, shower and change out of those PJs into proper clothes for the day.  I have also found doing my hair and a little bit of makeup helps me feel like being more productive as well.

2. Create yourself a designated ‘office’ space

It is so important to separate your work time from your free time, and to keep these things separate, you should have a designated work space. This could be creating an office space in a spare room, or using the dining table, but make sure you have a suitable table and chair that enables you to keep good posture. Decorate your workspace to keep your mind active and creative, rather than just sticking a desk in an empty spare room, but try to avoid distractions such as being next to the TV. I have found that adding plants to my work space, as well as a few photos has helped me feel productive and positive during my working day.

3. Keep to a regular timetable

Break up your working day as you would normally. Always eat at normal breakfast, lunch and dinner times, and take regular 5 minute breaks to have a snack or tackle a quick bit of housework. I have found that allocating breaks helps me focus more, so that I have specific times to get up and do some washing up or respond to messages, as otherwise these can be constant distractions throughout the day. Also, remember to take your full lunch break away from your laptop and get outside at least once a day, whether it be for a walk or a run, to make sure you get the fresh air and aren’t stuck indoors staring at a screen all day.

4. Keep connected with colleagues

I have missed the ability to lean over and have a quick chat with my colleague, or to ask them a quick question and bounce ideas off of each other as we would in the office. It can be a bit lonely working from home long-term, particularly if you are the only one in the house all day. I have found weekly virtual coffee mornings have really helped me stay connected with my colleagues, as this has been a time for talking about non-work related things, which has been really valuable.

5. And finally – put that laptop away at the end of the day and keep your evenings and weekends as free time!

Let me know if you have any other tips you have found useful while working from home?

Becca x

12 thoughts on “My tips for productively working from home

  1. nibsnscribs says:

    I think as time has gone the motivation of working from home has become more difficult. Great tips, putting everything away and hidden if you can helps create some space between work and life. Keeping in touch with colleagues has been great even for a little natter and checking in with one another.

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