Forgetting Those Winter Blues

With Christmas a distant memory and warm, sunny weather seeming so far away, the winter months are a funny old time. Particularly as there is nothing much that happens around this time of year. Its cold, it feels like the middle of the night at 8pm and it can feel never ending. Here’s a few reminders to keep you going through the cold winter months.

  • Get outside regularly. Even though most of the time its cloudy (and in true British style, raining) you will still be getting more vitamin D outside than staying in the house. It’s important to get outside often, going for a walk or a run perhaps: it definitely helps lift your mood! Staying active is also important, not only to maintain your health, but to improve your mood!
  • Stay cosy. It’s cold out there, but it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom! Run a hot bubble bath and read a book, or curl up under those blankets and binge watch a new show on Netflix! Not forgetting to make a nice hot drink, maybe treat yourself to a hot chocolate…
  • Eat well. I know I’m guilty of comfort eating and snacking when its freezing outside. But its all about balancing the craving for carbs with a good amount of fresh fruit and veg. I actually feel so much better if I have eaten healthily than if I have stuffed my face with fatty or sugary food all day.
  • Drink water! Another thing I am guilty of is forgetting to drink enough water. I have now got a litre bottle that I aim to fill twice a day to get my 2 litres. This is something that that can also help lift your mood and help you to not feel so tired during the day.
  • Organise things to look forward to. I always find I feel better during these months if I have something exciting to look forward to, like a summer holiday or even just a day out somewhere new. Its nice to be able to know thats there to come.

What do you do to help those winter blues? x

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