January Positivity

This January I definitely have the case of the post-Christmas January blues. I had such a lovely festive period complete with many a Christmas market, lots of time with the family and bucket loads of chocolate. It was so nice to have time away from thinking about the stresses of being in the middle of my final year at university and dissertation etc. But yep, now that’s over, the weather’s grey and all I can think about is how much essay writing I have to do and the scary thought of finding a job pretty soon. It’s crazy how much January and miserable weather can affect your mood so much!

So I decided to turn things around, make January are more positive month. I’ve been keeping myself cosy, lighting my Christmas candles and having long, hot baths to relax me. On the couple of days that it has been sunny I’ve got out and had a good walk because being outside on those days can make you feel so much better about things. I’ve decided to start a few new things to see whether I like them because you never know until you try! Hence why I have started this blog because I love writing so much, but when all you write are essays it does take the fun out of it quite a lot…

I’ve also decided to start new dance lessons because really I’ve missed it over the years – its never been the same since I was younger and I was part of a dance class getting ready for shows and exams. I do find starting new classes hard as I am quite introverted and I often find myself backing out at the last minute. But this year I’m really going to try and step out of my comfort zone and say yes to more things! Let’s see where it takes me…

Becca x

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